Get a life that you can walk 100 years

The average life expectancy has increased, But living a physically handicapped life for 10 years!

For a healthy and happy life,it is important to be able to walk!

“THE WALKING” suggests effective exercises for your walking life!

“THE WALKING” can be done only 3 steps about 2min!

“THE WALKING” can be easily measured in a short time and can be easily introduced without specialized education!

“THE WALKING” Introduction (about 1min30sec)



We digitize the effect of the guidance of walking so that it can be seen. Comparison of changes in gait like locomotive syndrome, back pain, knee pain.Since you can display the measured data on the screen simultaneously, you can easily compare before and after guidance and you can see the difference in results at a glance.

2.Equipment used for walking

Digitize the effect of shoes, insole, walking aid, and so on.

Measurement with THE WALKING that can obtain results in a short time is expected to be applied in scenes that produce the best while adjusting the brace.

3.Health care and sports

Numerization of exercise to strengthen the core of the body effect.
For each sport and exercise form check.

Display of averaged data from the analyzed cycles

Display of raw data from the analyzed cycles

Appearance and Dimensions

Main Specifications

Item Specifications Unit
Sensor Model MVP-RF8-KC-500
Acceleration detection axis 3 (Ax,Ay,Az) axis
Acceleration detection range ±20/±60 (Switching) m/sec^2
Angular velocity detection axis 3(ωx,ωy,ωz) axis
Angular velocity detection range ±500 deg/sec
A/D resolution 1024 (10bit) LSB
Sampling period 5 msec
Wireless communication standard Bluetooth 2.0 (class1)
Wireless communication range (reference value) Approx. 30 m
Power source Lithium ion rechargeable battery
Operating time (approx.) 10 hrs.
Operating temperature range 0 to 40
Unit dimensions W45×D45×H18 mm
Weight Approx. 60 g


If you are using this product in a country other than Japan, please contact us.
※ The specifications of this product may be modified without prior notice.

【Attention】This equipment is for health care. We have not received medical device certification.


Harness MVP-RF8-CBL

An elastic harness for attaching the main unit. For attaching the unit to the upper body.

Waist Belt MVP-RF8-SBL

An elastic belt for attaching the main unit. Mainly for attaching the unit above the pelvis.

Aluminum case MVP-WS2-ALC

An aluminum case measuring approximately 46 cm×33 cm×14 cm (Not including the handle). Holds all components of THE WALKING.